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What Is Digibyte Elf Society? And why is it so popular?

Digibyte Elf Society is an NFT project featuring a collection of 1000 unique digital elf avatars with 5 copies of each. Owning a Digibyte Elf gives you access to a members-only club with special perks. When the project launched in February there was only one other project big project but not of the same size as the Digibyte elf society making the Elves the first 1000+ avatar project on the Digibyte blockchain. With 5000 total original elves the first one was listed at a 250 DigiByte floor price and the last will be 5250 Digibyte . After they sell out who knows how high the price could go.

One of the major goals of the Digibyte Elf Society is to be the best NFT community across all blockchains. We can make the happen on twitter by using #elffollowelf along with Digibyte community already having a strong community in itself.

Let’s break it down by looking at the Society’s:

1. Creative

2. Content

3. Communication

4. Co-creation

1. Creative

To understand the appeal of Digibyte elves we need to look at the Bored Apes and CryptoPunks - the OG profile pic (PFP) NFT project, Because Digibyte Elf Society Is the first OG profile pic (PFP) NFT project on the digibyte blockchain. CryptoPunks launched in 2017 with 10,000 pixelated punk NFTs:

With time the punks grew in value as crypto people and top influencers made them their profile pics. Now the lowest price for a punk is 94 eth or $353K.

In my eyes the Bored Ape Yacht Club saw similar Success. These two were the inspiration for Digibyte Elf Society.

Like the Apes, the Elves created a website with alluring visuals and a road map to display an idea of what the elves are trying to accomplish.

2. Content

Digibyte Elf Society launched with a detailed roadmap to highlight the benefits of owning an Elf

Here’s the road map details.

-Digibyte Elf Society will launch on or before March 1, 2022. The proceeds from the first half of the wave 1 elves (2500 elves) will be donated to help further the Digibyte Community.

25% will go to Matthew Cornelisse (Creator of, 12.5% will go to Digibyte Alliance and 12.5% will go to Digiawareness team.

(revision 12.5% to Digifaucet, instead of Digibyte awareness team)

Wave 1

-First wave will consist of 1000 5/5 Digibyte Elves.

-The first elf will have a floor price of 250 DGB and every time a first wave Digibyte elf is listed the floor price will move up 1 DGB. This means that after the first set of 1000 is listed the next set will start at around 1250 DGB.

-Ten Digibyte elves will be listed every day. (Revision- will list 20 the day after a "SOLD OUT" day) If a Digibyte elf does not sell the day of the auction it will be for sale at the same set price until it is bought. (Revision until it is bought or been in the store for longer than 10 days. Once in for ten days the elf will be taken down and resold at a later date.)

-Everyone who buys one of the first 250 elves will be entered in a draw to be air dropped Elf #1.

-If you own 10 or more Digibyte elves you will qualify to be a

Digibyte Elf Board member.

-Board members will be able to contribute ideas that help the Digibyte Elf Society

- ALL board members will be put in a spin to win contest and 1 board member will win an airdropped 1/1 elf after every 500 elves listed.


- (New feature) If you own 25 elves you will be in a drawing once a week to win an elf.

- There will also be twitter spaces elf raids where participants will be given elf tokens that can be used to buy some 3/3 elves at random times.

Wave 2

​-Wave 2 will consist of 1000 15/15 elves

-The first ten elves will only be able to be bought with elf tokens and then after that the floor prices will start at 1750 DGB and move up 1 DGB after every elf listed.

​...stay tuned for more...

A lot of people are getting excited about elf chips. Elf chips are rewards that members get for helping spread the word of the elves. They are used to buy special items for you elves or just special elves.

3. Communication

Like any great product and community manager, Digibyte elf founder (Majestic Jay) provides regular and detailed updates to the community through an elf exclusive twitter chat.

Being able to talk to the founders directly makes people feel part of the journey.

4. Co-creation

One final ingredient that drove Digibyte Elf Society’s growth:

Elf holders have full commercial rights for the apes that they own.

This allows them to create their own merch or just using the NFT as a PFP.

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